Nigel Ng

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Date Show Location Website
28 Sep British Chinese Comedy Night London Tickets
05 Oct Laughter Lounge Dublin Tickets
06 Oct Laughter Lounge Dublin Tickets
07 Oct Comedy Central Live Southampton Tickets
08 Oct Comedy Store London Tickets
24 Oct Howlers Cheltenham Tickets
25 Oct Glee Birmingham Tickets
26 Oct Glee Birmingham Tickets
27 Oct Glee Birmingham Tickets
01 Nov Nutty Anita Amsterdam Tickets
03 Nov Mezrab Comedy Night Amsterdam Tickets
09 Nov Komedia Brighton Tickets
10 Nov HiFi Leeds Tickets
21 Nov Angel London Tickets
23 Nov Just the Tonic Nottingham Tickets
24 Nov Komedia Bath Tickets
29 Nov Top Secret London Tickets
30 Nov Angel London Tickets
01 Dec Comedy Box Bristol Tickets
07 Dec Laughter Zone Colchester Tickets
13 Dec Yellow Xmas London Tickets
14 Dec Top Secret London Tickets
05 Jan Folkestone Comedy Club Folkestone Tickets
19 Jan 99 Club London Tickets
16 Feb ROFL Stoke Tickets
15 Mar Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth Tickets

Note: This is my most accurate/up-to-date gig list. If you see me on a third party gig list, please double check with this one.

stuff about me

Hey there! I'm a Malaysian comic based in London. I perform at comedy clubs all over the country and sometimes abroad. Come see a show sometime and hear me talk about how clean the tap water is around these parts!

I won Amused Moose's Laugh Off in 2016 and was selected to be part of the prestigious Pleasance Comedy Reserve in 2017. My parents are so proud.

say hi

For bookings, please contact [email protected]


Before I was a standup comic I worked in data science and machine learning at a few tech companies. Technology and artificial intelligence are interests of mine, and because of my understanding of the field, I've been asked to host or perform at various corporate events.

If you're interested in having me, please get in touch!