Nigel Ng

standup comedian

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Date Show Location Website
24 Mar Out of Bounds Abingdon
31 Mar Newport Riverfront Newport Tickets
01 Apr Comedy Wire Bracknell Tickets
05 Apr Justerlarf Comedy Club Sheffield Tickets
07 Apr Angel London Tickets
08 Apr Braintree Comedy Club Braintree Tickets
13 Apr Jan Jack's Laughterhouse Basingstoke Tickets
16 Apr Angel Comedy London Tickets
22 Apr Backyard Comedy Club London Tickets
26 Apr Gag House Guildford Tickets
28 Apr Funnybone Bournemouth
29 Apr Angel Comedy Club London Tickets
30 Apr Machfest Machynlleth Tickets
01 May Good Ship London Tickets
03 May Old Ram Brewery London
04 May Hellfire Comedy Club High Wycombe Tickets
05 May Out of Bounds Sevenoaks Tickets
06 May Downstairs at the King's Head London Tickets
07 May 99 Club London Tickets
12 May Up the Creek London Tickets
19 May Crack Comedy Streatham Tickets
20 May Angel Comedy London Tickets
08 Jun Hornchurch Hornchurch
09 Jun Comedy Store Late Show London Tickets
10 Jun Angel Comedy London Tickets
12 Jun Civil Service Fundraiser London
16 Jun Wellingborough Castle Wellingborough
17 Jun Gag House Guildford Tickets
18 Jun Top Secret Comedy London Tickets
20 Jun XS Malarkey Manchester Tickets
23 Jun NY Comedy Night Paris, France Tickets
27 Jun 99 Club London Tickets
30 Jun Top Banana Leeds Tickets
07 Jul Comedy Nights Colchester Tickets
21 Jul Komedia Brighton Tickets
22 Jul Angel Comedy London Tickets
01 Sep Top Secret - Early Show London Tickets
28 Sep Top Secret London Tickets
13 Oct Covent Garden Comedy Club London Tickets
14 Oct Covent Garden Comedy Club London Tickets
20 Oct Top Secret London Tickets
28 Oct Top Secret - Early Show London Tickets
18 Nov Top Secret - Late Show London Tickets
25 Nov Banana Cabaret London Tickets
12 Jan Top Secret London Tickets

Note: This is my most accurate/up-to-date gig list. If you see me on a third party gig list, please double check with this one.

stuff about me

Hey there! I'm a Malaysian comic based in London. Grew up in Kuala Lumpur, lived in America for five years and moved to the UK in 2015. I consider myself a self-aware outsider, estranged but trying to fit in, trying to do jokes that go beyond the “I'm foreign and I'm so confused all the time” trope. Most people in the UK get my jokes! What a relief!

I was lucky enough to win the prestigious Amused Moose Laugh Off in 2016 and to come second in the Laughing Horse New Act of the Year in 2015. My parents are so proud.